Dr. Wilson has provided professionnal forensic services and expertise for over thirty years. He has established himself as one of the leading experts in the country in personal injury and emotional distress claims.  He is an expert in workplace dynamics that contribute to hostile work environments, forms of discrimination and sexual harassment and the impact of employment misconduct upon employees. Dr. Wilson’s expertise has been established in Federal, State and County Courts.


He has presented to the American Bar Association as well as the Arizona Bar Association, the American Psychological Association as well as the California, New Mexico and Arizona Psychological Associations.  He has provided training to attorneys and investigators at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has consulted with attorneys and law firms not only in Arizona, but also in Michigan, Texas, California, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and the District of Columbia.

The following law practices and law firms are among those that have retained Dr. Wilson:

Ogletree Deacons

Schleier & Schleier

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Farrington Law

Jackson White

Richared Martinez Law

Pettiti & Gomez

Tom Wilmer

Phillips Law Group

Jerome Froimson

Fisher & Phillips